Tuesday, December 30, 2008

holdays cramping my style

since xmas and new years are mid week they are playing havoc on my gym schedule. not only because of festivities & commitments with friends and family but because my normally 24hour gym during the week has reduced it's hours to 4am to 4pm style and there is no way in hell i can do 4am, or anything before 11am for that matter.

i'm an evening runner or an evening gym attender.

also i've been working through the holidays, by choice as i didn't have any lieu days available and i didn't want to take my holiday days during well...the holidays.

some of you might suggest a run outside as a way to exercise. well unless you've been under a rock of late, some of you might realize Vancouver has seen a good four feet of snow and now that it's melting a good flood of water, slush and black ice. not really ideal running conditions.

ergo, i've neglected my work out regime and i can tell. i'm eating crap and i'm eating a lot. it's time to stop that now and get it into check and start balancing again. because i'm almost the big 3 0 and i refuse to be this size come May.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

monday nights

finally emerged from the weekend party mode last night and hit the treadmill at 8:15pm last night. did the run for 2:30 and walk for 2:30 - ran 11 times. did a few weights and the ab work out.

it was a long session at the gym and i didn't get home and showered and on the couch until 10:45pm where i spent 45min of mindless watching of the damned digital cable box. now it's morning and i hurt and i could sleep for another couple of hours.

at least i have heat again in the apt. heat is important so you sleep good.

also, everything hurts. three days without any physical activity doesn't help the ultimate goal, especially when you indulge in cocktails and bottles of vino. i have to stop the weekend partying. it's just hard as a single gal, but i need to not do anything this weekend...although i'm not sure how that's going to fly.

for now...i must go to the gym tonight...well...at least tomorrow night.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

hit up the gym in the nighttime

tired of slacking...so i sucked it up and walked home yesterday. 40min walk from work to home.

i then went to the gym in the evening and did my walk [3 min]/run [2min] on the treadmill for 5Km which took 45min.

also the 7min abs.

tonight i have to run an errarnd or two then I'm going to try and go to the pool for 8pm, or i might just go back to they gym. who knows...even though i normally like a plan...lately i'm flying by the seat of my pants.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i was doing so well and now i slack why you ask? the same reason that gave me reason to go to the gym at 8pm at night. Digital Cable.

i'm now thinking why have options like this that are a sucking time and energy away from the idea of working out for that bathing suit that hangs on the back of my bedroom door.


i'm really going to try and hit the pool today before i cross the bridge home. yes. yes i am.

Friday, December 5, 2008

good thing i'm right handed...i didn't need my left wrist anyways

so last night was the last floor hockey game of the season.

we like playing against this team.

too bad one guy was playing a tad overzealous and aggressive. so much so that he basically ran into our goalie [50/50 division of fault] and the buy went flying head first on to the floor and busted open his chin.

same guy comes back out later and then plays like a complete and utter asshole running around the gym ball hogging and trying to score, because now his ego is damaged because he didn't score when his chin busted open. anywhoodle, idiot was out of control [in my humble opinion] and tried to shoot at the net and in the process upon follow through on his shot and how high his stick went, hit my left wrist....bone...or right on the side of the bone on the outside of my wrist. I dunno...all i know is that it hurt like a mo fo. and it took a concious decision not to throw my stick at his bloody head, and i turned and threw it at the floor. I was sooo pissed off. The guy didn't even bat an eye and continued to play like a facking douchebag.

he is a nice guy though and asked how my wrist was at the end of the game and apologized for the accident. but i said that he could be in more control of his stick, regardless of finishing a shot. the other thing is though that we like playing against this team, we like going out after the game with this team. but if another guy on another team had done this, this would have been more of an issue for everyone. other than just myself.

after the game both teams went out for a few drinks, i had water, while others had nachos and beers. i also declined the really good smelling cookies Capt'n made. i did break down and have the veggie platter. i'm trying to eat better more consistently and make better food choices in restaurant situations. it also doesn't hurt the wallet to be more fiscally responsible either.

as for my wrist? just chopp off my left fore arm. something ain't right and the acute pain is so ridiculously annoying and well...painful that if it doesn't go away by Sunday...er...Monday...i'm going to the doctor. [Sunday maybe difficult due to impending hangover].

tonight? shopping at the mall then off to the gym on a Friday night. yeah...my social life is declining a tad, because i need to figure out balance and figure out who is supportive of my life hanges and who is mocking my life changes and who just not fitting into my idea of who I want in my life.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wed Night Workout

as my previous post alluded too, i did in fact make it to the gym last night, where i did a walk/run [3min/2min] for 45min, so about 20min of running.

tonight. Floorhockey.

it's sad but it works, don't knock it.

i've recently upgraded my basic analog cable to basic cable and for the next three months i have a gift from the televisions god's that coincide with my location on this great planet all thanks to Sir Sandford Fleming. this great gift i refer to is the fact that i live in the Pacific Standard Time zone [PST] and therefore with the new cable channels at my disposal i get to watch "prime television" at 6pm rather than 8pm.

ergo, i can go to the gym at 8pm when it's less busy instead of rushing right after work to get a treadmill and not miss my favorite evening shows. while at the gym there is usually a hockey game on around 8pm so it's good mindless entertainment, unless the Canucks are playing than it's tricky not to fall off the treadmill.

i've given up on trying to be that morning person who gets to they gym by 6am and to work by 8am. it's a rare occurence that sometimes happens, but my body will not let me make it a regular thing. so this works.

thank you science and technology for digital cable and the opportunity to watch Manitoba stations. this allows me to go to the gym in the evenings. it's kind of sad really.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

too much shushi

so this past weekend was a bit of a bore, you would have thought that i would have made it to the gym at least once. alas, i did not.

i did however make it last night at 8pm, after my weekly dinner date with my friend Melissa where we sit and eat sushi while watching The Hills and The AfterShow. if you don't know what i'm talking about, i can't help you. and if you do know what i'm talking about and you scoff...well...deal with it.


i ate way too much sushi. my stomach was sooooo extended...i definitely had a sushi food baby on the way.

but i sucked it up [sort of] and went to the gym, which is conviently located across the street from Melissa's place.

8pm i started my run/walk on the tread mill for 30 min. any longer than that i think i would have thrown up.

8:30pm some weights

8:45pm some stretching and 7min ab routine.

while i was living life large in the Yukon for work, my tent mates and I began doing the 7min ab workout after the workday had ended. since i worked at a computer all day and rarely did the hiking and traversing these other gals did, it was a welcomed addition to the daily routine. Kels used to coach swiming and was [still is] completely athletic so she lead the charge with the 7 min Abs.

the concept is simple - you do one 'ab' related move for 1 minute and then move onto another move for another minute etc.

basically it consists of
1min - normal little crunch
1min - leg lifts - leg extended straight out and go up and down, without hurting your lower back
1min - cross crunch to the left
1min - cross crunch to the right
1min - butt lift - legs straight up and propel your ass straight up in the air, try not to use momentum
1min - row boat - ick
1min - [hmmmm, i can't remember the seventh.....crap, that means i only did 6min abs last night.]

then we added some other ab moves to increase our workout

1 min plank
1 min left side plank
1 min right side plank
1 min extend left arm, extend right leg
1 min extend right arm, extend left left

so give or take 11-15min of ab work....

now the trick is to do this everyday!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

weekend means party right?

okay...so I guess I lied. I still partied like a rockstar this past weekend, however, I didn't look at my reflection in anything but a mirror. however, I did go to the gym twice last week and did the kickboxing and Floor Hockey [floor hockey while a bit tipsy doesn't bode well for me].

to take my exercise seriously, no alcohol before any exercising activity. I think it's counter productive. but I blame the all day conference I was at on Thursday and the drink tickets that everyone kept leaving. and seriously, who can pass up a free drink or three and socializing? I don't.

it was still fun.

however, because this weekend was in a state of hangover and continued deep cleaning of my apt, I didn't get to the gym. mainly because I haven't rehydraged myself thoroughly. therefore I'm working on the rehydration part, so I can drag my ass out of bed tomorrow morning and do something productive.

wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WTF am I doing?

oh geez i suck at remembering to blog about the fact that i'm not exercising...oh wait....guess i'm not forgetting anything, except that this is a comittment to myself not just to my readers. all two of you. thanks cuz's.

after last Friday night's escapade i think i've had enough. as i watched my reflection in the toilet bowl, i realized that being almost 30 on the bathroom floor for an entire day is not necessarily the best use of my time. nor is it helping me loose 30lbs.

time to be real. i weigh pretty darn close to 200lbs. but I don't look like it...really... [as seen here in a pic from Sept. 2008]

but i feel like i do when i look in the mirror or look at a picture. the double chin that is creeping into my image is not appealing, what so ever. as i'm pretty sure that's how a "gobble gobble" chin occurs.

not only that, this whole gravity thing that's starting to happen as i get older needs to be put to an end. the "gifts" that i have been given will hit the floor if i don't start shedding some pounds so i can buy a bra that doesn't cost $100 cdn [gotta love that import tax that retailers pass on to the consumer] just so my boobs don't hit the floor.

as a result of all of this, i have been slowly getting back into things.

Wednesdays - Kickboxing 1 hour
Thursdays - Floor Hockey 1 hour

seeing a chiropractor since August who took an x-ray of my back and saw the ridiculous amount of curvuture in my back? = FLIPPING PRICELESS

as a result of these three things, i now am able to run, sorry, jog on a treadmill finally enjoy playing floor hockey and get up at 4:30AM to hit the gym so i can still make it to work on time AND have a social life.

balance people. working on the balance

Monday, November 3, 2008

wow...one month later. and not much has changed except that i have no more time for myself than i did before i went to St. John's, NL for work. who knew a month could fly by so fast.

i have more inspiration now than ever to start taking care of myself. this new guy that i'm dating [sparkle sparkle ] is completely fit and takes care of himself, surprisingly it doesn't intimidate me, it just makes me want to take care of myself better. this is a good thing.

i definitely need to start working out more and changing the prioirties from socializing and allocate more time for me, not just to do laundry. it's proving to be more of a challenge than i anticipated. through many years i've had a less than busy social calendar. all of a sudden in the last year, my social life has picked up. it's nice to have a variety of friends :) but i have to figure out how to balance a work out schedule in. then all the other stuff i'm doing [aka better eating habits] should pay off. what also helps, is doing activities with friends rather than going out and eating and drinking off our faces.

*sigh* time will tell...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Biggest Loser

well I'm not the biggest loser, and watching the show last night was a bit of a rude awaking....i will not get on a good scale for fear of it being accurate. however, i have noticed that the weight the ladies are almost at is close to what I may or may not weigh depending on the scale.

the episode had the contestants working out without a gym. there should be no excuse for not having a gym...

i have a gym that i pay less than 20 bucks a month to belong too and look at my card and go..."maybe tomorrow".

ihe idea of exercising in public is not really sitting well with me. i just need to bit the bullet and get over it. go to Floorhockey, take my friends up on the offer to go to trampoline drop in [yes there is such a thing] and start dropping in at Volleyball again. i go to my golf lesson, but i need to start practicing it as well. it may not be a high intesnse activity, it is better than sitting on the couch...which i must say i have mastered.

although all these things cost money....it's cheaper than drinking and better for you too...talk about a double win.

Monday, September 29, 2008

still lazy

what the heck am I going to do??? I need motivation. I need something to get me off the couch.

being jet lagged doesn't help...the last week i've been in St. John's, NL and I'm exhausted now back in Vancouver trying to figure out what day it is and what's going on.

any ideas?

Friday, September 19, 2008

It's all about the FloorPlay

last night i went back in time to a period of my life which i must admit wasn't really all that great. it was when i was 12 years old and had to play games in gym class. games such as dodge ball, hand ball and floor hockey. last night i played floor hockey. as expected i have not developed a great love for those intramural sports that you played while growing up. so you wonder why would someone want to play a game that they don't really like. one word answer. Friends.

our team, FloorPlay, is full of great people with a lot of enthusiasm. and the jokes, oh dear the jokes. with a name like FloorPlay i think it's expected that we don't take ourselves too seriuosly. we are all about having fun and hopefully not getting beat up while playing against the other teams. we don't have scheduled lines, we don't have set plays, we don't have a superstar BUT we do have fun. that is the only reason why i'm playing. these people are fun.

it's all about the FloorPlay

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


i'm alive.

i'm back.

i'm working a lot of hours this week.

floor hockey thursday night.

going to try and get a bike ride in on Sat. AM

workout? what workout? i'm beat by the time 4pm comes around....the thought of walking anywhere let alone breaking a sweat is detremental to my health. well. my mental health.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

down and out

i'm down and out for the count with a cold. sidelined from this weeks ambitions of going to the putting green to get in some extra practice, or walking anywhere for more than two blocks. this thing has wiped me out.

i have watched Breakfast At Tiffany's and exhorbent amount of times now. it is my favorite movie and the best movie to rest too.

Monday, September 8, 2008


After a Saturday of shopping, drinking and dancing...dancing is s a good workout right? I hit the links on Sunday morning.

Well not actually the links, more like the putting green. And it was a group lesson. But I now can putt and my core really got a good work out as well as my shoulders and back muscles. It was insanely hard for 1 hour of work.

Now I just have to shake this cold I just got this morning and get in some practice during the week.

Friday, September 5, 2008

weekend warrior....kind of.

as the weekend approaches i have to make a plan and stick to it. i think it's safe to assume i'm not one for the gym, so i'm trying to do things that are active.

currently i'm just talking the talk.

walk more. nope.

start running. not allowed. esp after my softball flight experiment, my knee is still not 100% and therefore i'm a bit skeptical to strain it.

floor hockey. starts in a couple weeks. playing with a team whose main idea is to have fun. i hate floor hockey so therefore i'm hoping i won't be competative about winning vs losing and therefore have fun. our captain has yet to call a team meeting so we don't even have a name yet. but hopefully we will soon, as the puck drops two weeks from now.

next on the to do list is golf. i start golf lessons on Sunday. i don't necessarily have the 300 to pay for them, that's what a credit card is for, but it should be good. i'm going to hit up Golf Town tomorrow morning and see if i can get a sweet deal on golf shoes and pants as the golf season is coming to an end. got to at least look the part. after i learn to play a bit i should be able to hit the island with some pals and strut my stuff on the links. or learn how to drink and play at the same time.

it's a busy weekend, but i'd also like to get in a bike ride or a walk. if i had foresight i would have worn my runners to work so i could walk the 45 min home today. but alas, i'm going to have to hit home and then find the gumption to get off the couch and change into comfy's and go for a walk as the sun sets. something tells me this part of my plan is not really thought out. at least i have a watch that works again. this should make it easier...no?

weekend fun, here i come.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Nothing healthy or excercise worthy of my weekend, unless bicep curls and a drinking game called Penalty Shots is sportif enough.

Time to work.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Long Weekend

hmmmm not sure what I'm going to do this long weekend, but I better get off my duff and walk around and figure it out. No couch potato this weekend!!!!

Maybe a walk and a bike ride???

will keep you posted.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

$$$$ Cha-Ching $$$$$

naturopaths like thier vitamins and special expensive pills. to get myself healthy i have returned to my naturopath and am now taking fish oil, PGX, some Gluco something or other and two suspicious liquids 20 drops a day that taste awful. and to add to the expensive list....some wierd smelling ginger like pill to combat a parasite.

more testing by some random GP, whom i can convince there is a bigger problem than just a dust allergy to explain the high eosinophil and slightly high WBC, to allow me to take the poo parasite tests. FUN TIMES.

in the meantime, i'm no longer allowed to eat wheat, yeast, sugar, or red meat and eat more "roughage" and veggies and lean meats OH! and lots and lots of pumpkin seeds and cucumber. HMmmmm i'm craving all of this as i type.

to sum it up. i can no longer eat anything that's tasty and drink anything that puts me a drunken stupor. it's going to be a boring fall. not only that...my right knee doesn't like to bend or bend and have weight on it. the fun continues!

it's a sad day.

good thing it's raining.

Monday, August 18, 2008

who knew softball was so dangerous?

Friday night was a stagette that included a pole dancing class. it was a fricking hot night and combined with not enough water and a bit of alcohol i was definitely feeling the buzz. the pole dancing is fun and a good work out. however...i value my shoulders and it's just not something i can do more than once right now. we had fun. the bride had such a good time, especially when we went dancing a cheezy club that has many underagers trying to get in. we are old. but we had the best time.

Saturday - thank goodness our 8:30am softball game was cancelled, but we still had two more games to play. so our recreational team showed up for the 11:30am game. things were going well. until it started. the plague of injuries that just came one after another. and the fun that we were having was slowly disappearing.

i took a hit on the left shin, which caused so much pain it was ridiculous. my entire left foot went numb. i shook it off and continued to play. put some ice on it and hoped back in the game, however, not necessarily the same bubbly hungover self. now i'm in pain and on the verge of cranky.

NEXT one of our girls was taking 2nd base and a throw from the outfield, hit here square on the left thigh. by the time she came past home base, she had a huge bruise.

NEXT top of the 7th. i go up to bat. i hit. i run. i tag the base. at that precise moment a few things had to have happened...the bag slipped, the first baseman hit the bag with their foot my right knee snapped back, right ankle twisted, left ankle got caught on the bag so i couldn't get a foot in front of me and i catapulted into the air with the greatest of eaze. without a trapeze. landed with hands first, bruised my palms, thudded on my right shoulder.

please note. i have never screamed before when i have hurt myself. i have never had so much pain before when i have hurt myself. but this time, as soon as my knee snapped back, i screamed, i sobbed uncontrollably. it was instant pain not only in my knee but my entire body. everything hurt, i couldn't figure out what was the main pain after i hit the ground with a thud.

i got carried off the field, sat there with three ice bags on my right side of my body. and then sat and listened to the other team bitch and complain about how we weren't fun to play against. while i was sitting there. in pain. with ice bags. of course we are no longer fun to play against. fuck. we were no fun to play with each other at that point.

one of our players was pissed off because the league didn't have a proper first aid kit or any on site, i was okay whatever, i'm not going to the hospital, anyone got a tensor bandage. one of our guys had a really good one. awesome. put it on. i play back catcher. can't run. can barely throw a ball. but we needed a girl on the field. so i stepped up.

i think if the pain doesn't go away in a couple more days, i'm going to the doctors.

NEXT [ oh yes there is one more] one of our guys was taking 2nd base and the throw to 2nd was bad and the bounce of the ball hit him in the adam's apple. NOT FUN.

amazingly enough, we were in contention in both games, just we were so frustrated by all the errors that we gave up. it was a brutal day. enough so we've changed our team name to Walking Wounded. let's see if it sticks for next season.

Sunday - i went kayaking. 2 hours on the water in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC. we went out at 4pm. although a little choppy, we had a great time paddling around. it is something i want to do again. next time without a bad knee. it's a bit difficult to get in and out of the kayak, in more than out. especially on an incline.

all in all, it was an active weekend, but i wasn't suppose to but a wrench in the whole, get my body aligned program i'm on. i hope that this knee thing isn't anything too damaging. i probably should hit up physio....we will see...

next weekend. i'm wrapping myself in bubble wrap.

Friday, August 15, 2008

who needs sleep?

this weekend is going to be jam packed of things to do, I'm going to need a relaxing weekend on monday!

Friday - stagette but one that includes pole dancing for 1 hour and a half. therefore, workout complete.

Saturday - 3 softball games in a tournament. kind of athletic...kind of sloth like...but we role with it. evening at the outdoor pool for a swim in kits maybe???

Sunday - kayaking, 10am, that is if my pal organized resos for the boats.

did i mention the weather is crazy hot! HEAT WAVE!!!! whoot!

let's hope i survive.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

painful correction

I guess it's only expected that upon trying to correct a back problem that took 8 years to happen, there is going to be a little bit of pain and discomfort once you start to fix it.

so i'm going to complain a bit.

my upper back is really sore and stiff. i'm unable to sleep because both my left and right shoulders are in pain. my lower back is sore from sitting in all day. and i am experiencing a lot of discomfort in my right shoulder which is my hand to operate my mouse.

now. before i get hints on proper posture and everything. trust me i'm trying. i have my monitor elevated, i have a ergonomic chair, i try not to slouch over my mouse when doing the mundane and repetative elements of my job when using a mouse.

8 years of stress and bad posture have taken it's toll and it feels like things are going to get worse before getting better.

in the mean time i'll persevere and walk everywhere and play softball and go kayaking...i'm just not allowed to start running...yet.

Monday, August 11, 2008

olympic couch potato finalist

a dormant weekend of nothing exciting.

i think i'm a contender for the couch potato olympics if not just to participate but to win.


i'm going to be a fat slob.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

thrown for an s-curve

living in lovely vancouver, canada there are a few things that we have at our disposal as tax paying citizens. one of those things is “free” health care. i say “free” because unless you are living in poverty you pay a monthly sum to have access to “free” doctor visits and surgical procedures covered. good system, because in comparison to our friends in the U.S. if you don’t have health care you are more than likely going into debt. but. i digress.

there are flaws with this system, too many patients, not enough doctors seems to be the first one that comes to mind and there is the problem with 15min. appointments to address problems. granted some problems can be addressed in that time, however, i don’t think that my complaint was addressed thoroughly or provided with a plausible solution.

i went to a walk in clinic to complain of pins & needles and burning sensation in my feet. doctor prescribed physiotheraphy. my reaction was….”seriously?”. needless to say i didn’t follow the doctors prescription. i was confident that there was an underlying problem. therefore i made an appointment to see my naturopath [whom i haven't seen in four years]. she was very adament that i see a chiropractor. i’ve been reluctant to see chiropractors in the past, but when the words “lifetime in a wheelchair” came flying out of her mouth i quickly asked around and made an appointment to see one. my friend works for a chiroprator and she’s a nutritionist and they don’t have a problem with working with a naturopath, therefore it’s not the chiropractor that my naturopath recommended, but they all can live with it.

so after my initial visit with the chiropractor, i had standing x-rays performed. they took pictures of my back from the front view and from the side view. last night we went over the results and i have an s-curve and rounded shoulders…my hump, because i have no natural curve in my neck. talk about a curve ball. it’s like the muscles have seized it into one place.
the good news is that this is fixable.

the bad news is that this is likely cause of my aches and pains and my reoccuring groin pull and anything else that can go wrong. because you know all your nerves for your body go through this thing we call a spine.

the upsetting news. five years of misdiagnosis because noone took the time to hear the problem and think that maybe it’s not just the groin, maybe it’s not shoulder pain.

the bitch of it all. any diagnostic tests wether its blood work or xrays are not covered under our “free” health care plan. luckily i have a pretty good extended health care plan at work, but it doesn’t cover anything. and it’s a good thing i’m able to convey my concerns enough to a doctor at a walk in clinic and eventually get tests that the naturopath wants and more because the doctor has an opinion. ultimately it’s my health, do what i want.

i’m 29 and feel like i’m 50, lets hope in six months i’ll feel like i’m 29 again.

becoming a humpback?

so i’ve seen my Naturopath and am taking some natural things…like fish oil and glucosamine something or other etc. etc. also i was told to see a Chiropractor regarding all the pins and needles that I’ve been getting. and not at all surprising…my shoulder problem that i have had for years is the ultimate cause of my feet. i just over did it playing beach volleyball one day five weeks ago and aggrevated these minor systems enough that it is now a chronic problem. it doesn’t help that my shoulders are rounded forward and i’m developing a hump.

i’m 29 and i’m developing a hump because of poor posture.

that’s it.

i’m getting a boob reduction.

i’ve started looking into it seriously, asking friends about plastic surgeons. well those who have had augmentation and those who work in the industry. it’s not like it’s a small procedure. we’re talking two weeks min out of comission. good bye South American vacation, hello bed rest. but first, i have to figure out which plastic surgeon to see and get assessed. with any luck this shouldn’t be seen as a cosmetic procedure where i’ll have to pay out of pocket. hopefully the many years of contributing to the health care system will come back for me and msp will cover it.

in the meantime. go to naturopath, go to chiropractor, continue my quest to drop the equivalent weight to my boobs…soo..what…400lbs each???

bridges play mindgames

I used to be pretty good at walking to and from work. About 3-4 years ago, it was the religious thing that I did every morning rain or shine. That was when I didn’t have a bridge to walk over. Something about having to go over a bridge, makes the distance feel that much farther away.

The mind plays funny tricks on you.

So I’m now trying to get a 45min walk into my schedule.

This is relatively easy as I live pretty close to work., Normally I would take the ever green choice of the bus. This bus ride can take 45min inc. the time it takes to walk to the bus, wait for the bus, watch the bus go by full in the AM, watch the second bus go by because it’s not the right bus, and then get on the bus for the 10-15min ride to get to downtown Vancouver and then walk the 2 blocks to work. I think you get the drift that I do not live that far away from where I work. Therefore instead of the 30-45min on the bus adventure. I am now making the comittment to myself to walk at least one way everyday. Yesterday I walked home from work, today I walked to work.

I think I might just walk home too after the gym. Vancouver is having an absolutely gorgeous summer.

let's begin

This isn’t the first time I have attempted to start this journey. But this is the first time that I am going to keep my word and stick to it on this journey. And this is the first time I am documenting it from beginning to end, truthfully to myself and inadvertently to you as well.

Sure I could have kept a personal journal, but seriuosly, what fun is that? I’m sure there are others out there that are looking and going through the same thing so why not share and work together.

It isn’t the first time worlds like change and lifestyle have been thrown around together. In fact I would say they are buzz words. And although they are buzz words, there is some truth to them. That it is a necessary change that society has to go through, that I need and must go through.

So here goes.

I have just turned 29 and I am over weight. I’m not fat or obease per say….but I don’t want to end up that way. Therefore I could stand to loose some weight and more importantly change my lifestyle.

I have always been curvy since as far as I can remember. I have been the biggest one in the class. And this is even with being active in dance and in sports. It’s amazing how easily the eating habits dictated by my parents have badly influenced me. Whatever was easy and quick was always on the table. Better yet if you could get it to go and eat it in the car…you were one up on time and therefore mom didn’t have to miss any episodes of Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy or whatever else mindless entertainment was on tv.

So thus the path change has to happen and occur. I’ve made few headways into these bad habits along the way, however, they haven’t been permamently changed. I relapse and return to the old ways.

Currently I try and go to the gym 3x a week. This is not good enough for what I want to accomplish.

Currently I am suffering from a myriad of aches and pains that limit what I’m able to do for long periods of time like…run. Pins and needles along with burning feet do not make for a pleasant experience at the gym. Because we all love it so much all ready.

Currently I am learning how to cook albeit for one. This includes one big dish a week that has lots of leftovers to supplement the little salads and the bad dishes that I consume.

So for this inagural post i have touched on a few topics which I will explore further as I embark on this adventure. Parents, habits, food, exercise and whatever other elements of life this happens to tred into.

So the Goal.

To go from 200lbs to 160lbs and in the process change my lifestyle, by learning how to cook, trying new adventures, fit into clothes that I love but dare not wear and meet new people, maybe even someone worth having around.