Tuesday, December 30, 2008

holdays cramping my style

since xmas and new years are mid week they are playing havoc on my gym schedule. not only because of festivities & commitments with friends and family but because my normally 24hour gym during the week has reduced it's hours to 4am to 4pm style and there is no way in hell i can do 4am, or anything before 11am for that matter.

i'm an evening runner or an evening gym attender.

also i've been working through the holidays, by choice as i didn't have any lieu days available and i didn't want to take my holiday days during well...the holidays.

some of you might suggest a run outside as a way to exercise. well unless you've been under a rock of late, some of you might realize Vancouver has seen a good four feet of snow and now that it's melting a good flood of water, slush and black ice. not really ideal running conditions.

ergo, i've neglected my work out regime and i can tell. i'm eating crap and i'm eating a lot. it's time to stop that now and get it into check and start balancing again. because i'm almost the big 3 0 and i refuse to be this size come May.

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