Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Biggest Loser

well I'm not the biggest loser, and watching the show last night was a bit of a rude awaking....i will not get on a good scale for fear of it being accurate. however, i have noticed that the weight the ladies are almost at is close to what I may or may not weigh depending on the scale.

the episode had the contestants working out without a gym. there should be no excuse for not having a gym...

i have a gym that i pay less than 20 bucks a month to belong too and look at my card and go..."maybe tomorrow".

ihe idea of exercising in public is not really sitting well with me. i just need to bit the bullet and get over it. go to Floorhockey, take my friends up on the offer to go to trampoline drop in [yes there is such a thing] and start dropping in at Volleyball again. i go to my golf lesson, but i need to start practicing it as well. it may not be a high intesnse activity, it is better than sitting on the couch...which i must say i have mastered.

although all these things cost's cheaper than drinking and better for you about a double win.

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