Thursday, December 4, 2008

it's sad but it works, don't knock it.

i've recently upgraded my basic analog cable to basic cable and for the next three months i have a gift from the televisions god's that coincide with my location on this great planet all thanks to Sir Sandford Fleming. this great gift i refer to is the fact that i live in the Pacific Standard Time zone [PST] and therefore with the new cable channels at my disposal i get to watch "prime television" at 6pm rather than 8pm.

ergo, i can go to the gym at 8pm when it's less busy instead of rushing right after work to get a treadmill and not miss my favorite evening shows. while at the gym there is usually a hockey game on around 8pm so it's good mindless entertainment, unless the Canucks are playing than it's tricky not to fall off the treadmill.

i've given up on trying to be that morning person who gets to they gym by 6am and to work by 8am. it's a rare occurence that sometimes happens, but my body will not let me make it a regular thing. so this works.

thank you science and technology for digital cable and the opportunity to watch Manitoba stations. this allows me to go to the gym in the evenings. it's kind of sad really.

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