Monday, August 18, 2008

who knew softball was so dangerous?

Friday night was a stagette that included a pole dancing class. it was a fricking hot night and combined with not enough water and a bit of alcohol i was definitely feeling the buzz. the pole dancing is fun and a good work out. however...i value my shoulders and it's just not something i can do more than once right now. we had fun. the bride had such a good time, especially when we went dancing a cheezy club that has many underagers trying to get in. we are old. but we had the best time.

Saturday - thank goodness our 8:30am softball game was cancelled, but we still had two more games to play. so our recreational team showed up for the 11:30am game. things were going well. until it started. the plague of injuries that just came one after another. and the fun that we were having was slowly disappearing.

i took a hit on the left shin, which caused so much pain it was ridiculous. my entire left foot went numb. i shook it off and continued to play. put some ice on it and hoped back in the game, however, not necessarily the same bubbly hungover self. now i'm in pain and on the verge of cranky.

NEXT one of our girls was taking 2nd base and a throw from the outfield, hit here square on the left thigh. by the time she came past home base, she had a huge bruise.

NEXT top of the 7th. i go up to bat. i hit. i run. i tag the base. at that precise moment a few things had to have happened...the bag slipped, the first baseman hit the bag with their foot my right knee snapped back, right ankle twisted, left ankle got caught on the bag so i couldn't get a foot in front of me and i catapulted into the air with the greatest of eaze. without a trapeze. landed with hands first, bruised my palms, thudded on my right shoulder.

please note. i have never screamed before when i have hurt myself. i have never had so much pain before when i have hurt myself. but this time, as soon as my knee snapped back, i screamed, i sobbed uncontrollably. it was instant pain not only in my knee but my entire body. everything hurt, i couldn't figure out what was the main pain after i hit the ground with a thud.

i got carried off the field, sat there with three ice bags on my right side of my body. and then sat and listened to the other team bitch and complain about how we weren't fun to play against. while i was sitting there. in pain. with ice bags. of course we are no longer fun to play against. fuck. we were no fun to play with each other at that point.

one of our players was pissed off because the league didn't have a proper first aid kit or any on site, i was okay whatever, i'm not going to the hospital, anyone got a tensor bandage. one of our guys had a really good one. awesome. put it on. i play back catcher. can't run. can barely throw a ball. but we needed a girl on the field. so i stepped up.

i think if the pain doesn't go away in a couple more days, i'm going to the doctors.

NEXT [ oh yes there is one more] one of our guys was taking 2nd base and the throw to 2nd was bad and the bounce of the ball hit him in the adam's apple. NOT FUN.

amazingly enough, we were in contention in both games, just we were so frustrated by all the errors that we gave up. it was a brutal day. enough so we've changed our team name to Walking Wounded. let's see if it sticks for next season.

Sunday - i went kayaking. 2 hours on the water in Deep Cove, North Vancouver, BC. we went out at 4pm. although a little choppy, we had a great time paddling around. it is something i want to do again. next time without a bad knee. it's a bit difficult to get in and out of the kayak, in more than out. especially on an incline.

all in all, it was an active weekend, but i wasn't suppose to but a wrench in the whole, get my body aligned program i'm on. i hope that this knee thing isn't anything too damaging. i probably should hit up physio....we will see...

next weekend. i'm wrapping myself in bubble wrap.

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