Sunday, November 23, 2008

weekend means party right? I guess I lied. I still partied like a rockstar this past weekend, however, I didn't look at my reflection in anything but a mirror. however, I did go to the gym twice last week and did the kickboxing and Floor Hockey [floor hockey while a bit tipsy doesn't bode well for me].

to take my exercise seriously, no alcohol before any exercising activity. I think it's counter productive. but I blame the all day conference I was at on Thursday and the drink tickets that everyone kept leaving. and seriously, who can pass up a free drink or three and socializing? I don't.

it was still fun.

however, because this weekend was in a state of hangover and continued deep cleaning of my apt, I didn't get to the gym. mainly because I haven't rehydraged myself thoroughly. therefore I'm working on the rehydration part, so I can drag my ass out of bed tomorrow morning and do something productive.

wish me luck.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

WTF am I doing?

oh geez i suck at remembering to blog about the fact that i'm not exercising...oh wait....guess i'm not forgetting anything, except that this is a comittment to myself not just to my readers. all two of you. thanks cuz's.

after last Friday night's escapade i think i've had enough. as i watched my reflection in the toilet bowl, i realized that being almost 30 on the bathroom floor for an entire day is not necessarily the best use of my time. nor is it helping me loose 30lbs.

time to be real. i weigh pretty darn close to 200lbs. but I don't look like it...really... [as seen here in a pic from Sept. 2008]

but i feel like i do when i look in the mirror or look at a picture. the double chin that is creeping into my image is not appealing, what so ever. as i'm pretty sure that's how a "gobble gobble" chin occurs.

not only that, this whole gravity thing that's starting to happen as i get older needs to be put to an end. the "gifts" that i have been given will hit the floor if i don't start shedding some pounds so i can buy a bra that doesn't cost $100 cdn [gotta love that import tax that retailers pass on to the consumer] just so my boobs don't hit the floor.

as a result of all of this, i have been slowly getting back into things.

Wednesdays - Kickboxing 1 hour
Thursdays - Floor Hockey 1 hour

seeing a chiropractor since August who took an x-ray of my back and saw the ridiculous amount of curvuture in my back? = FLIPPING PRICELESS

as a result of these three things, i now am able to run, sorry, jog on a treadmill finally enjoy playing floor hockey and get up at 4:30AM to hit the gym so i can still make it to work on time AND have a social life.

balance people. working on the balance

Monday, November 3, 2008 month later. and not much has changed except that i have no more time for myself than i did before i went to St. John's, NL for work. who knew a month could fly by so fast.

i have more inspiration now than ever to start taking care of myself. this new guy that i'm dating [sparkle sparkle ] is completely fit and takes care of himself, surprisingly it doesn't intimidate me, it just makes me want to take care of myself better. this is a good thing.

i definitely need to start working out more and changing the prioirties from socializing and allocate more time for me, not just to do laundry. it's proving to be more of a challenge than i anticipated. through many years i've had a less than busy social calendar. all of a sudden in the last year, my social life has picked up. it's nice to have a variety of friends :) but i have to figure out how to balance a work out schedule in. then all the other stuff i'm doing [aka better eating habits] should pay off. what also helps, is doing activities with friends rather than going out and eating and drinking off our faces.

*sigh* time will tell...