Sunday, August 24, 2008

$$$$ Cha-Ching $$$$$

naturopaths like thier vitamins and special expensive pills. to get myself healthy i have returned to my naturopath and am now taking fish oil, PGX, some Gluco something or other and two suspicious liquids 20 drops a day that taste awful. and to add to the expensive list....some wierd smelling ginger like pill to combat a parasite.

more testing by some random GP, whom i can convince there is a bigger problem than just a dust allergy to explain the high eosinophil and slightly high WBC, to allow me to take the poo parasite tests. FUN TIMES.

in the meantime, i'm no longer allowed to eat wheat, yeast, sugar, or red meat and eat more "roughage" and veggies and lean meats OH! and lots and lots of pumpkin seeds and cucumber. HMmmmm i'm craving all of this as i type.

to sum it up. i can no longer eat anything that's tasty and drink anything that puts me a drunken stupor. it's going to be a boring fall. not only right knee doesn't like to bend or bend and have weight on it. the fun continues!

it's a sad day.

good thing it's raining.

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