Tuesday, December 30, 2008

holdays cramping my style

since xmas and new years are mid week they are playing havoc on my gym schedule. not only because of festivities & commitments with friends and family but because my normally 24hour gym during the week has reduced it's hours to 4am to 4pm style and there is no way in hell i can do 4am, or anything before 11am for that matter.

i'm an evening runner or an evening gym attender.

also i've been working through the holidays, by choice as i didn't have any lieu days available and i didn't want to take my holiday days during well...the holidays.

some of you might suggest a run outside as a way to exercise. well unless you've been under a rock of late, some of you might realize Vancouver has seen a good four feet of snow and now that it's melting a good flood of water, slush and black ice. not really ideal running conditions.

ergo, i've neglected my work out regime and i can tell. i'm eating crap and i'm eating a lot. it's time to stop that now and get it into check and start balancing again. because i'm almost the big 3 0 and i refuse to be this size come May.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

monday nights

finally emerged from the weekend party mode last night and hit the treadmill at 8:15pm last night. did the run for 2:30 and walk for 2:30 - ran 11 times. did a few weights and the ab work out.

it was a long session at the gym and i didn't get home and showered and on the couch until 10:45pm where i spent 45min of mindless watching of the damned digital cable box. now it's morning and i hurt and i could sleep for another couple of hours.

at least i have heat again in the apt. heat is important so you sleep good.

also, everything hurts. three days without any physical activity doesn't help the ultimate goal, especially when you indulge in cocktails and bottles of vino. i have to stop the weekend partying. it's just hard as a single gal, but i need to not do anything this weekend...although i'm not sure how that's going to fly.

for now...i must go to the gym tonight...well...at least tomorrow night.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

hit up the gym in the nighttime

tired of slacking...so i sucked it up and walked home yesterday. 40min walk from work to home.

i then went to the gym in the evening and did my walk [3 min]/run [2min] on the treadmill for 5Km which took 45min.

also the 7min abs.

tonight i have to run an errarnd or two then I'm going to try and go to the pool for 8pm, or i might just go back to they gym. who knows...even though i normally like a plan...lately i'm flying by the seat of my pants.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


i was doing so well and now i slack why you ask? the same reason that gave me reason to go to the gym at 8pm at night. Digital Cable.

i'm now thinking why have options like this that are a sucking time and energy away from the idea of working out for that bathing suit that hangs on the back of my bedroom door.


i'm really going to try and hit the pool today before i cross the bridge home. yes. yes i am.

Friday, December 5, 2008

good thing i'm right handed...i didn't need my left wrist anyways

so last night was the last floor hockey game of the season.

we like playing against this team.

too bad one guy was playing a tad overzealous and aggressive. so much so that he basically ran into our goalie [50/50 division of fault] and the buy went flying head first on to the floor and busted open his chin.

same guy comes back out later and then plays like a complete and utter asshole running around the gym ball hogging and trying to score, because now his ego is damaged because he didn't score when his chin busted open. anywhoodle, idiot was out of control [in my humble opinion] and tried to shoot at the net and in the process upon follow through on his shot and how high his stick went, hit my left wrist....bone...or right on the side of the bone on the outside of my wrist. I dunno...all i know is that it hurt like a mo fo. and it took a concious decision not to throw my stick at his bloody head, and i turned and threw it at the floor. I was sooo pissed off. The guy didn't even bat an eye and continued to play like a facking douchebag.

he is a nice guy though and asked how my wrist was at the end of the game and apologized for the accident. but i said that he could be in more control of his stick, regardless of finishing a shot. the other thing is though that we like playing against this team, we like going out after the game with this team. but if another guy on another team had done this, this would have been more of an issue for everyone. other than just myself.

after the game both teams went out for a few drinks, i had water, while others had nachos and beers. i also declined the really good smelling cookies Capt'n made. i did break down and have the veggie platter. i'm trying to eat better more consistently and make better food choices in restaurant situations. it also doesn't hurt the wallet to be more fiscally responsible either.

as for my wrist? just chopp off my left fore arm. something ain't right and the acute pain is so ridiculously annoying and well...painful that if it doesn't go away by Sunday...er...Monday...i'm going to the doctor. [Sunday maybe difficult due to impending hangover].

tonight? shopping at the mall then off to the gym on a Friday night. yeah...my social life is declining a tad, because i need to figure out balance and figure out who is supportive of my life hanges and who is mocking my life changes and who just not fitting into my idea of who I want in my life.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wed Night Workout

as my previous post alluded too, i did in fact make it to the gym last night, where i did a walk/run [3min/2min] for 45min, so about 20min of running.

tonight. Floorhockey.

it's sad but it works, don't knock it.

i've recently upgraded my basic analog cable to basic cable and for the next three months i have a gift from the televisions god's that coincide with my location on this great planet all thanks to Sir Sandford Fleming. this great gift i refer to is the fact that i live in the Pacific Standard Time zone [PST] and therefore with the new cable channels at my disposal i get to watch "prime television" at 6pm rather than 8pm.

ergo, i can go to the gym at 8pm when it's less busy instead of rushing right after work to get a treadmill and not miss my favorite evening shows. while at the gym there is usually a hockey game on around 8pm so it's good mindless entertainment, unless the Canucks are playing than it's tricky not to fall off the treadmill.

i've given up on trying to be that morning person who gets to they gym by 6am and to work by 8am. it's a rare occurence that sometimes happens, but my body will not let me make it a regular thing. so this works.

thank you science and technology for digital cable and the opportunity to watch Manitoba stations. this allows me to go to the gym in the evenings. it's kind of sad really.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

too much shushi

so this past weekend was a bit of a bore, you would have thought that i would have made it to the gym at least once. alas, i did not.

i did however make it last night at 8pm, after my weekly dinner date with my friend Melissa where we sit and eat sushi while watching The Hills and The AfterShow. if you don't know what i'm talking about, i can't help you. and if you do know what i'm talking about and you scoff...well...deal with it.


i ate way too much sushi. my stomach was sooooo extended...i definitely had a sushi food baby on the way.

but i sucked it up [sort of] and went to the gym, which is conviently located across the street from Melissa's place.

8pm i started my run/walk on the tread mill for 30 min. any longer than that i think i would have thrown up.

8:30pm some weights

8:45pm some stretching and 7min ab routine.

while i was living life large in the Yukon for work, my tent mates and I began doing the 7min ab workout after the workday had ended. since i worked at a computer all day and rarely did the hiking and traversing these other gals did, it was a welcomed addition to the daily routine. Kels used to coach swiming and was [still is] completely athletic so she lead the charge with the 7 min Abs.

the concept is simple - you do one 'ab' related move for 1 minute and then move onto another move for another minute etc.

basically it consists of
1min - normal little crunch
1min - leg lifts - leg extended straight out and go up and down, without hurting your lower back
1min - cross crunch to the left
1min - cross crunch to the right
1min - butt lift - legs straight up and propel your ass straight up in the air, try not to use momentum
1min - row boat - ick
1min - [hmmmm, i can't remember the seventh.....crap, that means i only did 6min abs last night.]

then we added some other ab moves to increase our workout

1 min plank
1 min left side plank
1 min right side plank
1 min extend left arm, extend right leg
1 min extend right arm, extend left left

so give or take 11-15min of ab work....

now the trick is to do this everyday!