Monday, November 3, 2008 month later. and not much has changed except that i have no more time for myself than i did before i went to St. John's, NL for work. who knew a month could fly by so fast.

i have more inspiration now than ever to start taking care of myself. this new guy that i'm dating [sparkle sparkle ] is completely fit and takes care of himself, surprisingly it doesn't intimidate me, it just makes me want to take care of myself better. this is a good thing.

i definitely need to start working out more and changing the prioirties from socializing and allocate more time for me, not just to do laundry. it's proving to be more of a challenge than i anticipated. through many years i've had a less than busy social calendar. all of a sudden in the last year, my social life has picked up. it's nice to have a variety of friends :) but i have to figure out how to balance a work out schedule in. then all the other stuff i'm doing [aka better eating habits] should pay off. what also helps, is doing activities with friends rather than going out and eating and drinking off our faces.

*sigh* time will tell...

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