Wednesday, January 7, 2009

working hard

Tuesday workout:

40 min on the treadmill - alternating 2min walking/3min running

and in no particular order:
30 jump lunges
30 DB anchors
30 DB bicep curls
30 russian twists
30 crunches
30 pushups

i still think i can get up at 5:30 and get some yoga in or something...but really who am i kidding?? the alarm goes off at 5:30 and somehow goes off again at 6:30 when i finally decide i need to get up for work.

i've also looked into doing CrossFit, but i think i need to get into the groove [and make sure shoulder, groin, knee and ankle injuries stay away] before i commit myself to exercise workouts that make you want to puke. in fact. they encourage that. ummmm....hmmmmm......

until then i'm taking some of the moves and applying them at home. thank goodness for youtube to give you new workout routines. now...all i need is a chin up bar at home...

off to the gym today after work too.

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