Monday, April 20, 2009


I got bumped. Again.

This is the second time that I've gotten bumped from this Volleyball team by the same Capt'n.

The first time was when she asked me to sub and then she called me the day of and said they didn't need me after all as one of the guys was bringing the girl he was dating that week. And after that...I played the rest of the season.

Along the way she asked me to play on a beach team. I had already joined a team of people I had never met, but said yes to Capt'n as she is a friend and I would have much more fun with her and the other two guys. So fast forward about four weeks then approach to this morning. 8:14am in fact.

A message was sent to my FB account from Capt'n. She was apologetic that she didn't call me on Saturday like she had said she would and then informed me that

"Mike found a girl that he is kind of interested in and wants her to play all 7 weeks. she was going to play for the first two, but will miss out on another league if she starts with us, so i figured it was only fair. I don't know if you still have the other team to play on, but maybe instead of leaving them, just chill with them and then in the summer we can hook up and play then. i feel terrible, but it is their team too and he is really excited about playing with her. Don't hate me! :) "

My reply:

"Actually I don't have another team to play with. I got a replacement just to play with you guys and was really looking forward to it.I understand that Mike wants to play with this new girl and thats great.

But I kind of feel completely shafted and you knew I couldn't play the first two weeks from the get go.

Now I am out of a team. I am kind of hurt and it's kind of not cool.

Definitely call me whenever you can, I can talk during my work day today or this week.When I come back we can definitely meet up for a drink."

So now I am waiting for a call. I did text the Capt'n and asked her to call me whenever she has five minutes. So We will see. If she doesn't call before she leaves town on Thursdsay than this friend isn't heading the to the Circle of Trust which I was hoping the direction of our friendship would be. It's the way it is. I just hope she doesn't expect me to sub or join the team when something between Mike and said girl falls apart and makes the whole thing uncomfortable.

I still can't help but feel disappointed. It's very difficult to find a team to play on with people you like especially when all the leagues start this week and I'm going on vacation for the next two weeks. So I'm going to try, because this is the one activity I absolutely love.

So Capt'n and I chatted. The guy actually found a girl who he wanted to play beach 2's with. Fine. Then I find out that they have been talking about this for two weeks. It took some coaxing to even kind of get an apology for the inconvience, which is what I'm a bit ticked about. If they new two weeks ago. Tell me two weeks ago. Then I could have had time to find a team! Now. I have a team that I can go sub on. But it would be nice to have a regular playing option.

Still not impressed. Needless to say, Capt'n won't be entering my "circle of trust" anytime soon.

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