Tuesday, March 31, 2009

buckles are down and locked - 30 here I come!

after two weeks with a cold and one week in reno, i have curbed my desire, want, longing for something surgary and sweet and bad for you. well almost. actually, i'm in panic mode. realizing that in less than two months i'm turning 30 and in less than one month i have to put lay on a beach on the red sea as part of my difficult vacation.


now i'm taking my diet seriously. seriously! i am not consuming alcohol regardless of whose birthday it is or what celebratory event occurs where alcohol will make it sooooo much better. i am also eating more vegtables and fruit and trying to get more protein. who knew that you could trick yourself to believing that unsalted almonds are actually good? fiber comes in the form of instant oatmeal.

i'm also drinking copious amounts of water and you would think that i'd be running to the loo 45 times a day. contrary to that belief, i'm not! i always have been drinking a lot of water and my body is finally realizing that it's a good thing. i maybe have a diet coke [my vice].

last night i was good. usually i would over eat on the sushi with my friend Melissa, but i didn't. i had takeout from nuba an authentic lebanese cuisine place with really good and healthy and relatively inexpensive food.

oh and i've cleared my social calender to ensure i go to the gym 6 days of the week. regardless of it being 5am or 9pm. i have to, must, need to hit the gym/workout. should be interesting to go to the gym after dinner with friends tonight. whoot to salad and grilled chicken with dressing on the side....while at a pub where theres so much good food all of which is bad for you. *sigh*.

back to my almonds.

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