Sunday, February 1, 2009

Crappy Living

So much for eating healthy. This past week has been a gong show for trying to eat right let alone hit the gym. Wednesday to Friday was brutal and I'm not done. Currently I'm in Nevada for work. Ergo, I haven't worked out in 5 days and now I don't have a stocked fridge with healthy options.

2 hours in Reno - Grilled Chicken Ranch BLT sandwich....from...McDonalds. FACK.

I'll have a healthy breaky tomorrow...right? RIGHT???

Hopefully I won't be working 12 hours tomorrow. But I do hope to hit the "gym" here at the hotel. Which I checked out and it smells like a sauna and is just as hot. Which is a god send because Reno, NV is pretty darn cold. Because there is no cloud cover. At least there will be sun!

Vitamin D whoot!

now if I can just get some Vit. B, C, etc. etc.

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Ennyl Yarrum said...

A change in routine (such as being out of town for work) is definitely a challenge when trying to maintain a healthy eating and workout regime. Hang in there, just make smart choices and you will be ready for anything.

Good luck!