Tuesday, May 12, 2009

lost 5 lbs on vacay!

I'm back from vacation...lost 5 lbs. I think it's because I didn't snack...sort of. And it's because I didn't really like the food and the idea of continuous American Buffet at these 4star establishments in Egypt was kinda disgusting. Also, eating in London is expensive. OH and food poisioning from a little ice cream at the musical's interval has also cured my love of ice cream. For now anyways.

Here's hoping I don't take too long to get back into a running routine.

Softball last night was interesting for a girl who is on London time and catches the ball with her left bicep, then forarms, then chin, then boobs all without using her glove. TALENT.


Lucy said...

i wish i'd lose weight on a vacation...lucky duck!

Jewels said...

you would too if all there was to eat was American style buffet, minus the bbq, deep fried anything and hamburgers....come to think of it...maybe it wasn't American buffet, maybe it was just BLAND buffet of dried out chicken, steamed veggies and lots and lots and lots of bread.